Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials
It’s almost the end of November, and it is seriously freezing over here in the UK! Definitely prepping for Winter (although I already started shopping for winter clothes around October haha). The most important thing for me during Winter is to keep warm, as I get cold so easily! So below are some Winter essentials I think would come in handy:
Image source: Keblog

1. Heated blanket

This is good for keeping warm when you’re snuggling on the couch or when you’re sleeping – who else has difficulty sleeping when it’s cold? Well this will keep you warm throughout the night!


Madison♡ ↠{Mgracevball}↞
Image source: Pinterest

2. Fluffy slippers/slipper boots

I absolutely love wearing my fluffy slippers around the house during the Winter, it just feels so snug! 


3. Hot chocolate with marshmallows & cream

If you fancy a change from tea or coffee, then nothing beats a nice hot choc! Add some marshmallows and cream and it will taste so good and warm you up when you’re cold!


Image source: Notonthehighstreet

4. Candles

Love scented candles – so I don’t see why we shouldn’t add this to the list 😛 It just brings warmth to any home! Yankee candles are my fav, the scents are strong-smelling when the candle is lit and smells so good!


Image source: Missguided

5. Cozy onesie

The perfect season to wear a onesie! This cute pink and white unicorn onesie is from Missguided, doesn’t it just look so comfy and adorable?


Image source: Etsy

6. Beanie hats

I love beanie hats, especially with bobbles – something about them is just so cute yet keeps you warm in the Winter. They also look great with most outfits! I really like this yellow-mustard coloured beanie too.


Image source: Pinterest

7. Fluffy cushions

Great for adding warmth to your couch whilst you’re watching Netflix! Also makes your home look cosy, and it can add as a decorative piece to your bed.

8. Winter playlist

Some soothing songs during the cold months can help you to relax, especially if you get moody when you’re cold! I tend to find a lot of good music and playlists on Spotify, it’s so easy to find your favourite tunes! I have it on my phone too so I can listen to my playlist everywhere I go.

So those are some things to get you into the winter spirit! Winter doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom you know? What is your favourite winter essential? I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂