Charcoal Ice Cream – Soft Serve Society

Charcoal Ice Cream – Soft Serve Society
I didn’t even know this place existed until I saw pictures of it on Instagram, and then I thought I HAD to go there and try it for myself! I’d showed it to my boyfriend before and he thought it looked like poop -.- come on, it looks cute though right? XD Anyway, so my friend and I decided to go there one day – we headed down the street in London Shoreditch following our trusty google maps and we found it amongst a long line of shops called BoxPark (that were very cute and quirky too). After getting over the shock of not getting lost for once, we headed inside the Soft-Serve Society ice cream shop…
We both ordered a charcoal and coconut ice cream with marshmallow – there was a lot of choice on the menu, from freakshakes to soft-serve sundaes with candyfloss and candy! But they seriously give you a lot of ice-cream, so I’d recommend going with a large group of people if you want to try lots of different ice cream 😛 The shop itself is tiny though, so it can be quite crowded.

Soft serve ice cream is basically ice cream that’s softer than regular ice cream due to putting air into it during freezing, and it gives it a smoother texture. The ice cream we tried was very smooth, and it tasted good aswell! The charcoal-coconut combination was really nice as I could taste the charcoal flavour but it was sweetened by the coconut, so was not bitter at all surprisingly. We spotted a couple doing a vlog of their freakshakes, and who would blame them, it looked amazing! Their freakshake was so crazy we just had to take a picture of it:

It was definitely worth visiting and we would want to visit it again to try their other funky ice cream!
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Carissa xxx