Tate Modern, London

Tate Modern, London
 Looking for somewhere to explore in London that is free or not too expensive? If you’re the arty type you’ll love Tate Modern!
Tate Modern is a modern art gallery in London exhibiting international modern and contemporary art, often featuring artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Wilfredo Lam. It is free entry to everyone, but some special exhibitions will need tickets to enter. It is located in Bankside, London, and they also have venues in Liverpool and St Ives.
I visited this art gallery with my mum and my sisters after hearing about it from friends, and it was very modern and spacious inside with lots of exhibits. Even though I’m not a very artistic person (can’t draw or paint to save my life), it was still an enjoyable day out 🙂
Source: Tate Modern
After visiting Tate Modern, we walked along the River Thames, which is just outside the art gallery.
 Then we walked along the Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral, the view of London is beautiful – we could see the cathedral on one side, the Shard and also the Gherkin on the other side.
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Carissa xx