Spicy Grill Korean BBQ

Spicy Grill Korean BBQ
If you are looking for a really good Korean restaurant, you have come to the right place! This restaurant does the best Korean spicy fried chicken and it’s not expensive either 😀 Spicy Grill is located in Golders Green, London. There is an extensive menu including dishes such as bibimbap, BBQ with beef/pork/chicken bulgogi, teriyaki curry, katsu curry, donkatsu, kimchi, king prawn tempura, jap chae (stir fried glass noodles), seafood/kimchi pancake, Korean broths such as kimchi jigae and galbitang and a variety of cold/soup/fried noodles too!
I’ve been there about 3 times now, and I can definitely recommend getting the ‘YangNyum Chicken’ which is Korean fried chicken in a delicious spicy sauce, and also their ‘Galbitang’, which is a slow cooked beef rib soup with radish and egg, one of my favourite Korean dishes! I’d stay away from their ‘Ddukbokki’ though (spicy rice cake), as it wasn’t done as well as I would’ve liked. For drinks, I’d recommend getting a rice punch, or green tea if you prefer something hot.
That’s it for now my lovelies, more food posts from London coming up soon, stay tuned!
Carissa xx