Korean Patbingsu Dessert, Shibuya

Korean Patbingsu Dessert, Shibuya
‘Patbingsu’ (팥빙수) is a very popular shaved ice dessert from Korea, and now it’s here in London! The shaved ice is soft and fluffy, and you can choose toppings such as matcha/green tea, red bean, jelly and chopped fruit like mango, strawberries, banana and kiwi. It usually comes with sweetened condensed milk that you pour on top of this snow mountain to make it taste even better! This place is called Shibuya, in Chinatown, Leicester Square. My boyfriend and I ordered a matcha and mango patbingsu.
They also serve other dishes too:
This matcha green tea was really good and had a strong matcha flavour!
Mandu/dumplings with soy sauce. It was nicely cooked and slightly crunchy on the outside.
Octopus rice balls
This Japanese/korean inspired restaurant also offers food such as sushi and katsu curry too aswell as other desserts such as matcha cake.
I definitely recommend this place for their Patbingsu! If you decide to visit this place, let me know what you think of it in the comments below, I’d love to here from you!
Carissa xx